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The world is the limit. Really. 

Time and again, we have seen employer surveys that emphasize their desire to hire employees empowered to negotiate a globalizing workplace. So, coupling a Global Studies degree with an additional major will really give you an edge in the employment market.

Our graduates have gone into as broad a range of fields and professions as you can imagine. Finance, trade, international development, non-profit work . . . Many have gone on to graduate study in a variety of fields (e.g., International Relations, area studies, etc.). In some ways, we wish we could tell you with no doubt that a Global Studies degree will lead to a job in such and such a field.  But you know that most degrees (even many science and math fields) don’t work that way. 

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Skills developed in a Global Studies Major

  • To employers in a variety of fields, an interdisciplinary degree shows them that you can synthesize different ways of knowing to arrive at creative solutions. 
  • As someone who has studied abroad, you show employers that you can adapt to new and challenging situations. 
  • As someone who is aware of global forces that shape the local, you show employers that you have a perspective that can transcend the here and now. 

You will be equipped with a variety of skills and capacities that are in demand.  At the same time, your regional focus and your language abilities may indeed be precisely the skills a particular employer is seeking. 

We could list all the fields and professions that a Global Studies degree can prepare you for, but such a list, no matter how long, would still be too confining.  Literally, the world is the limit!

Possible careers for Global Studies graduates

  • International Organizations
  • Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy
  • Research Institutes
  • Non-profit and Human Services
  • International Business
  • National Security Council
  • Government and Foreign Service
  • United Nations
  • Relief Organizations

Career Planning

Career Services (in the Student Memorial Union, Room 411) is an excellent resource for finding career-related experiences and opportunities. Networking, gaining transferrable skills, and building your credentials are an essential part of the undergraduate experience.

Know how to market the skills and knowledge you attain through a Global Studies degree: