Emphasis Areas

Students must take 15 units toward their thematic area.

Global Cultures

Understand the international landscape and the immense diversity of world cultures, languages, and literatures in the current global marketplace.

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Asian woman in traditional dress with child in agriculture field

Health & Development

Learn concepts and skills in public health to identify and assess global health trends, understand global health priorities, and gain a sense of what interventions have and have not worked from both health and social science perspectives.

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Human Rights, Migrations & Social Movements

Study borders, migration, and diasporas – including identities, cultures, genders, ethnic groups, states and regions – in a global context and the institutions, discourses, practices, and processes that shape these as places and/or experiences.

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Wire fence along U.S. Mexico Border with signage reading "Closed Area"

Political Economy

Gain global competency as you learn about diverse global institutions and their political, economic, social, and cultural impacts on the world.

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International flags hanging between buildings