B.A. Global Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Global Studies

"The time I had studying abroad was probably one of the best if not the best semester of my life. Traveling around a part of the world you don’t really know is just so fun, as well as just gaining so much all at once." – Global Studies student

About the Major

The Global Studies major is designed to help you critically examine global issues from various perspectives. Our program focuses on both theoretical understanding and practical skills, empowering you to analyze, adapt, communicate, problem-solve, and empathize in different professional and personal contexts.

This major encourages interdisciplinary study, fostering self-reliance, leadership, and teamwork skills essential for navigating today's globalized world. These abilities prepare you to take on leadership roles in workplaces and communities shaped by global forces.

In line with the growing emphasis on global education endorsed by leading professional forums like the American Council on Education and the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the University of Arizona (UA) has actively pursued increasing our reach around the globe over the past two decades. This institutional commitment responds to the increasing demand from corporate, government, and non-governmental sectors for a workforce capable of thriving in a globalized world.

We believe that meaningful educational, research, and outreach opportunities often extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. Therefore, our major encourages and supports a variety of co-curricular and alternative educational activities to enhance and complement classroom learning.

Degree Requirements 

Areas of Study/Emphases

Global Cultures 

Understand the international landscape and the immense diversity of world cultures, languages, and literatures in the current global marketplace.

Health & Development

Learn concepts and skills in public health to identify and assess global health trends, understand global health priorities, and gain a sense of what interventions have and have not worked from both health and social science perspectives.

Human Rights, Migrations & Social Movements

Study borders, migration, and diasporas – including identities, cultures, genders, ethnic groups, states, and regions – in a global context and the institutions, discourses, practices, and processes that shape these as places and/or experiences.

Political Economy

Gain global competency as you learn about diverse global institutions and their political, economic, social, and cultural impacts on the world.

Career Pathways

The Global Studies degree will help you think critically about global issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, while also balancing multiple academic priorities. These skills are highly sought after in the workplace.

Possible careers for Global Studies graduates include:

  • International organizations
  • Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy
  • Research Institutes
  • Non-profit and Human Services
  • International Business
  • National Security
  • Council Government and Foreign Service
  • United Nations
  • Relief Organizations

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