Human Rights, Migrations & Social Movements Emphasis


Study borders, migration, and diasporas – including identities, cultures, genders, ethnic groups, states and regions – in a global context and the institutions, discourses, practices, and processes that shape these as places and/or experiences.

About the Emphasis

This emphasis examines global movements and struggles. You will learn about human rights as a lived reality, as an ethics of state power, and as a tool for social activism and political emancipation.

A range of theoretical approaches will allow you to explore the dynamics of race, class, gender, sexuality, language, and power as expressed in collective mobilizations within and across borders. This emphasis also explores how places, experiences, and cultural perceptions are shaped by institutions, practices, and discourses.


Majors with the Human Rights, Migrations & Social Movements emphasis complete the core major requirements and also select 15 units of courses from disciplines spanning anthropology, sociology, history, and geography. 

Course options include:

AFAS 308: The African Slave Trades (Crosslisted: HIST)
AFAS 351: Race and Class in Latin America (Crosslisted: HIST/LAS)
ANTH 331: Anthropology and Development (Crosslisted: LAS)
CHN 468: Women in China
GEOG 252: Global Borders, Migration and Refugees
GEOG 367: Population Geography (Crosslisted: SOC)
GEOG 378: Global Human Rights (Crosslisted: HIST)
GWS 432: Social Justice Movement Media: History, Functions, and Theory (Crosslisted: JOUR)
JUS 374 - The Holocaust (Crosslisted: HIST/RELI)
JUS 384: International Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and Israel (Crosslisted: SGPP)
JUS 452: Israeli Women (Crosslisted: GWS/MENA)
LAS 367: Human Rights in Latin America
LAS 354: Drugs and Violence in Mexico
LAS 365: Human Rights, Immigration Enforcement and the US-Mexico Borderlands Today (Crosslisted: GEOG)
LAS 366: Armed Conflict and Peacebuilding in Colombia (Crosslisted: PA/POL)
LAS 489: Central America Migration: Root Causes and Lived Experiences
LAW 440A: Introduction to Human Rights Law
LAW 451: Introduction to Public International Law
MAS 312: Latina/o Pop: Race, Gender, Sexuality & Popular Culture (Crosslisted: ENGL/GWS)
MAS 341: Translation and Interpretation: Social Justice and Practice (Crosslisted: LAS/SPAN)
MAS 361: The U.S.-Mexico Border Region (Crosslisted: HIST)
MENA 389: Middle Eastern Ethnic and Religious Minorities (Crosslisted: HIST/JUS/POL/RELI)
MENA 490: Women in Middle Eastern Society (Crosslisted: ANTH/GWS)
RELI 428A: Globalization, the Environment, and Indigenous Religions (Crosslisted: ANTH/HUMS)
RSSS 350: The Soviet Experiment
SBE 222: History of the Built Environment II
SOC 314: The Nonprofit Sector: Charity, Philanthropy, and Volunteering
SOC 345: Sociology of Rights, Justice, and Law