Health & Development Emphasis


Learn concepts and skills in public health to identify and assess global health trends, understand global health priorities, and gain a sense of what interventions have and have not worked from both health and social science perspectives.

About the Health & Development Emphasis

In our increasingly global world, health and development are inseparable, and poor health is the greatest challenge to achievement of developmental goals. Health risks know no borders: deterioration of health in the poorest regions has worldwide effects from pandemic diseases and air pollution to damaged international relations and reduced economic trade.

Emerging global health problems will require a new generation of innovative thinkers who can identify trends and critically assess intervention options. Adapted to real-world contingencies, this emphasis within the Global Studies major will prepare you to think in a multidisciplinary and critical manner. Social Science courses will provide you with an understanding of global health priorities as well as the history of health-related trends, priorities, and intervention measures.


You'll complete the core major requirements and also select 15 units of courses from areas such as anthropology, geography, public health and regional studies.

Course options include: