Global Cultures Emphasis


Understand the international landscape and the immense diversity of world cultures, languages, and literatures in the current global marketplace.

About the Global Cultures Emphasis

This thematic emphasis educates future leaders of the new global society—a role that requires the highest level of intercultural and multilingual competence. The curriculum illuminates the critical role cultural production plays in the international landscape and will equip you with the skills necessary to negotiate and shape that landscape. Global Studies majors with the Global Cultures emphasis are adaptable to unfamiliar environments and new situations and are able to assess cultural differences in professional settings and communicate well with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Majors with the Global Cultures emphasis complete the core major requirements and also select 15 units of courses from a diverse set of areas including anthropology, religious studies, geography, English literature, classics, linguistics, East Asian studies, Africana Studies, Spanish, French, Italian, theater, music, and art history.

Course options include:

AFAS 310: Afro-Latin American Literature (Crosslisted: LAS)
AFAS 335: Rap, Culture and God (Crosslisted: LAS/RELI)
AFAS 342: Writers, Women and the Gods (Crosslisted: ENGL/GWS)
AFAS 371: Hip-Hop Cinema
AFAS 376: Global Soccer (Crosslisted: HUMS)
AFAS 381: African/Indigenous Religions (Crosslisted: AIS/RELI)
AFAS 423: Topics in Caribbean Culture, Literature and Identity (Crosslisted: ENGL)
ANTH 310: Culture and the Individual (Crosslisted: SOC)
ANTH 372: Critical Issues for Museums in the 21st Century
ARH 312: Survey of Medieval Art and Architecture
ARH 314: Art and Culture of Renaissance Europe
ARH 329: Art History of the Cinema (Crosslisted: ART/CLAS)
ARH 412: The Ancient City as Text: Rome and Its Reception (Crosslisted: CLAS)
BJP 411: Global Latinxs: Diasporic Transnationalism and Media in Latin America, Europe and Asia
CHN 345: Buddhists, Bandits, and Beauties: Masterworks of Chinese Fiction from the 1500s to the Digital Age
CLAS 301B: The Literature of the Ancient Romans: Latin Literature in English Translation
CLAS 346: Ancient Greek Drama
CLAS 353: Heroes, Gods, Gore: Roman Epic in its Cultural Context
CLAS 477: Greek Architecture (Crosslisted: ANTH/ARH)
ENGL 454B: Revolutionary 20th Century Ireland
FREN 410: Film and Fiction
FREN 420: Cultural History
FREN 443: Contemporary Francophone Literature and Cinema
GEOG 340: Cultural Geography
GER 371: Contemporary German Culture
GLO 101: Studies of Global Media: Origins and Approaches
GLO 301: Media, Culture and Societies
GLO 403: Media & Global Terrorism
GLO 430: Social Movement Media in a Global Context
GLO 435: Media Ethics and Representatoin in a Global Context
GLO 440: Freedom of Expression and the Right to Information
GLO 445: Media, War & Peace
GLO 450: Media & the Environment
GLO 455: Media & Human Rights
GLO 460: Disinformation & Information Security in Global Media Context
GLO 490: Media and Humanitarian Crises
HIST 404C: Cleopatra: Power, Passion, Propaganda (Crosslisted: CLAS/GWS)
HIST 444: Islamic Mysticism
ITAL 330C: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Italian Cinema
ITAL 410: Italian Fiction/Film
ITAL 420: Italian Civilization
JPN 310: Japanese Literature and War
JUS 301: Jewish Civilization: A Gateway Course
JUS 332: The Holocaust: Witnesses and Representations (Crosslisted: RELI)
LAS 230: Food and Culture (Crosslisted: FOOD)
LAS 280: Brazilian Identity (Crosslisted: ANTH, SPAN, PORT, AFAS)
LAS 316: Sex and Salvation in Latin America (Crosslisted: ANTH, GWS)
LAS 363: #BlackLivesMatter Across the Americas (Crosslisted: ANTH, SPAN, PORT, AFAS)
LAS 405: Sabores de Mexico (Crosslisted: FOOD)
MAS 307: Chicana Feminisms: History, Theory and Practice (Crosslisted: GWS)
MAS 312: Latina/o Pop: Race, Gender, Sexuality & Popular Culture (Crosslisted: ENGL/GWS)
MAS 337: Survey of Mexican Folk Music (Crosslisted: LAS/MUS)
MAS 433: Issues in Mexican and Mexican-American Culture (Crosslisted: LAS)
MENA 330 : Languages & Societies of the Middle East (Crosslisted: LING)
MENA 417A: North African Societies: History, Culture & Politics (Crosslisted: ANTH/HIST/POL
MENA 471: Iranian Cinema, Gender Issues, and Social Change (Crosslisted: PRS)
MUS 334: Music in World Cultures
PAH 372: Intercultural Competence: Culture, Identity, Adaptation, and Intercultural Relations
PORT 350: Introduction to Genres and Literary Analysis
RELI 306: Christianity in the Greco-Roman World (Crosslisted: CLAS)
RELI 325: Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age (Crosslisted: RSSS)
RELI 363: Religion and Sex
RELI 428A: Globalization, the Environment, and Indigenous Religions (Crosslisted: ANTH/HUMS)
RSSS 315: Werewolves and Vampires: Slavic Folklore in our Culture
SPAN 350: Readings in the Literary Genres (Crosslisted: LAS)
SPAN 352: Reading Politics and Culture in the Hispanic World
SPAN 430: Issues in Spanish Culture
SPAN 431: Issues in Spanish American Culture
TLS 386: Global Citizenship: Reading the World and the Word